Say Hello

by Thee Adults

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released January 13, 2011



all rights reserved


Thee Adults Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Soundtrack
...and the same thing that draws all the kids to city, leads them to leave on a bus.
All machines of culture grind meat for the vultures, and the humanists gobble it up.
Now, here's the soundtrack to us taking any bit of dignity we can find.
...and the lack of progression at a steady procession, leaves us with no one to trust.
All the gifts that were granted seem to be supplanted by the fact that we're giving them up.
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Go To Planet Fitness
All my friends are going mental... mental recently, telling tales of transmissions as seen on tv. I tuned in, but now i'm tuning out coz' it wasn't for me. They'll be there but i'll be where i want to be.
I don't wanna go to planet fitness.
I'm outta place in outerspace and that's just fine by me. Coz' all my friends are aliens from the treadmill galaxy. I'm no workout lunatic sweating on the moon. The satellite isn't right. It's changing yr tune.
Once you start it eats yr heart, and yr brains will lose all sanity from atomic vanity.
I might have a spacebag, but i'm no astronaught. I want gravity, not lust for what i'm not.
Track Name: Off
I could cry myself to sleep tonight or just get wasted... or lie awake with the sounds of random shootings. Sometimes i just need to clear my skull and use my voice and let it all wash out. Now, isn't that some sweet self-pity w/ ex-catholic guilt?
I am the asshole. Something isn't right. Every morning i feel off.
Tell me, why do i keep asking for more when it's so simple? These things in the way are my bed that i've made... and now i lie in it. It's a swamp. It's a jungle out there, coz' the powers that be make a game of our lives. And i sometimes try to reject it, but mostly sit on my couch and whine. But i'm not giving up.
Track Name: What Would Greg Sage Do?
Nothing ever lasts forever, in spite of what disney says always. There's no way i'm ever gong back.
I ain't no empty shell for institutions' fabrications. I aim to get my share: inspiration and revelation.
Tales they told were bought and sold, and this blurred the lines from fact to fiction. And this deception is keeping us in line.
We refuse to lead the paths that we've been taught.
Track Name: I Met Brian May
I am certain. Things i said turned sour, now yr face is hurting.
I will make this all about me.
My reality might not actually be.
I've been thinking: i can read yr mind the more that i've been drinking.
Well, there are things i know i know, and there are things that i'd make so. And i can think you think of me, coz' thats how i want it to be.
Track Name: Middle Aged
life we will all soon forget
like the short-lived smoke of a cigarette
you've got an ocean
of problems
and past mistakes
but when you're 45
and you're not alive
you're mono-grammed shirt
won't mask the hurt
of your
Track Name: Serfin the Shitty Seas
I am a veteran of a fucked up world. Call me "the wild serf". Stuck in a rut and feeling unloved... this is the modern world.
It's not hard to be a cynical soul when we get what we've got: every fake defect is exploited. Fear keeps us keeping on.
Suffocation leads to provocation and all this instigation. It is getting old.
I'm not a victim, i reject that name as i reject the status quo. Knee-deep in what we want no part of... i'll go with what i know. I'll drop anchor where i want to be. I'll resist the wave of societal shift and culture adrift.
There must be more than this.
Track Name: That's Not Me
When i look at photos back in my past, there were some bad times we thought were a blast. That's not me now.
Wistful and wrong: it was the blues everyday. Now i'm regretting the faux pas as i awkwardly say, that i could change my ways... my powers for good. But there's the unchangable i'd change if i could. I don't know how.
I'm getting older...gaining stress... i'm losing sleep. I'm losing my patience... losing my family... losing my mind... losing my friends